This is the sequence in which events happen during hosting for turn generation:

  1. Recruit
    New units and commanders are recruited. This means recruits will always be available during the turn, no matter what else happens.
  2. Research
    Mages perform their research. Even if a mage is assassinated or otherwise killed, he will contribute his research points to his nation that turn.

  3. Empowerment
    Increased magic paths due to Empowerment are conferred here.
  4. Forge New
    Items are forged and placed in their nation's magic item inventory.
  5. Rituals
    All mages cast their rituals in a random order.
  6. Magic battles
    All battles caused by magic are resolved. For example, commanders taken away by Wind Ride fight now.
  7. Site searches
    Magic site searches are resolved.
  8. Prayers
    Prophets are declared and gods awaken. Note that Dominion spread happens later, but this is where dominion is increased by prayer (only).
  9. Blood hunting
    The hunt for blood slaves takes place.
  10. Random events
    Like it says. This is where those Fortune/Misfortune events happen.
  11. Assassinations
    Assassination attempts are resolved. The battles are fought immediately.
  12. Friendly Movement
    All Movement ending in a friendly province takes place now. If you are trying to get to a friendly province before an enemy does, you will do it if you are not stopped by an event that takes place in the steps before.
  13. Other movement
    All other movement, including Break Siege takes place.
  14. Movement battles
    Battles caused by movement are resolved.
  15. Castle storming
    Castles are stormed and battles resolved.
  16. Global enchantments
    Global enchantments take effect on the world. Note that the casting takes place during the Rituals step (5), though.
  17. Magic items
    Special effects from magic items take place. The items themselves are forged during the Forge step (4), though.
  18. Sneak discovery
    Sneaking units may be revealed in this step. All battles are resolved immediately.
  19. Buildings
    Fortresses, temples, and labs are constructed (or demolished).
  20. Special orders
    Special orders like Reanimate, Heal or summon allies are performed. Thus, allies summoned during a turn will not be available for that turn's battles.
  21. Income
    All nations collect income for their provinces.
  22. Starvation
    Units without supplies suffer starvation effects. This means that the first turn an army goes without supplies, it will fight its battles without starvation effects, since all battles occur in the previous steps.
  23. Upkeep
    Upkeep is paid for the units. Note that this is after income is collected for the turn.
  24. Dominion
    All dominion spread (except for dominion increase by the preach command) is conducted now.
  25. Site effects
    Magic sites generate gems or spread disease, unrest, and the like, if they have such an effect.
  26. Heal
    All units regain lost hit points, unless they are diseased, in which case they suffer more wounds, instead.
  27. Mercenaries
    Mercenaries are bought or maintained.
  28. Scouting
    new scouting reports are generated for each player.