A hotkey or shortcut is a key or set of keys that performs a predefined function. These functions can often be done via some other, more indirect mechanism, such as using a menu, typing a longer command, and/or using a pointing device.

The Dominions game series has a large number of hotkeys available, depending on the context that the game screen is in at the moment, if it's on the strategic overview map or the battlescreen display for example.

Strategic map

These hotkeys can be used when the strategic map is active, where you can see the provinces on the map and move your armies around. A list with most, but not all of them, is displayed when using the "?" hotkey.

Misc Shortcuts

aselect/deselect all commanders
bbid for mercenaries
drecruit province defence
eend turn
ffortress info
hhide/show right-side menu
lenter arcane laboratory
mread messages
nnext commander without orders (Siege, Defend and Hide count as "no orders")
otemple and dominion stats
rrecruit units
ssend messages
tarmy setup, transfer units
vview battles in current province
xchange tax rate
ysetup screen for armies moving to the selected province
+,-scroll through commanders
<,>grow or shrink commander icons
returndeselect all commanders
escapeoptions menu or return to previous menu

Statistics screens

F1nation overview
F2score graphs
F3hall of fame
F4pretenders of the world


F6global enchantments
F7magic resource treasury (gems)
F8magic item treasury

Map view

right clickselect province
up,down,left,rightscroll map
homego to capital
endzoom x ½ scale
insertzoom to cover the whole screen
delzoom to view entire map
page upzoom in
page downzoom out
#go to province number

Map filters

These show or hide province symbols on the strategic map.

1flags and forts
4income and resources
5temples and misc symbols
8neighbors (shows all neighbors of the currently selected province)
9province names
tabtemporarily display the same as the hotkeys 1, 2, 4, 5, 9 while it is pressed

Commander orders

These are of use when a commander is actively selected and require to use the Shift key or Caps Lock for capital letters.

Areanimate, call spirits
Bblood hunt
Ccast ritual spell
Ebreak siege
Fforge magic item
Gcall god
Mmonthly ritual spell
Ssearch for magic sites
Tstorm castle
Wcapture slaves
spacechoose order from menu popup

Army setup

These are active when you are assigning armies to your commanders in the army setup screen. They usually require to have a unit in a squad selected to work, so the game knows which squad to affect.

Unit selection

double clickselect all units of the same type
shift-clickselect multiple units
eselect all units with 2+ experience stars
sselect all units which are starving
wselect all units with afflictions
enterdeselect all currently selected units

Battle replay

These are active when you are viewing a battle replay. The commands with capital letters only affect the battle replay, but not the outcome, and can be used as a primitive battle simulator tool.

ffast-forward through the battle replay
gtoggle to show the battlemap grid
nnext round in the battle replay
p / spacetoggle pause
qquit out of the battle replay
wtoggle 3D backgrounds and the battlemap grid
Ishow coordinates of currently selected square
Kkill units on currently selected square
Uadd units by id number or name to currently selected square
1-9background detail (higher number means more sprites)
Homecamera angle up
Endcamera angle down
Page upmove camera position up
Page downmove camera position down